Lamination or folding is a process joining materials together, obtaining a complex final product that adds to, or complements, the specific properties of each separate material, thus complying with the characteristics required by the market.

The materials most commonly used are: Fabrics, non-woven fabric, Plastics, Felt, Foam, Paper, Cardboard /wood, natural and synthetic leather, wool, … and others.

We can work with rolls or sheets, up to a maximum width of 2.1 m.

In the joining process, we use different adhesives, according to the composition of the materials to be joined and the technical requirements that the final product must comply with:

  • Thermal -adhesive: (In powder, film or web format) Polyethylene,
    polyurethane, polyester, EVA, polyamide, etc…
  • Double-sided adhesive sheet, applied cold or hot.

Sectors of application

Lamination is used to obtain products used in many sectors:

  • Corsetry: To join the exterior fabric to the interior foam filling.
  • Upholstery: Joining the fabric to the foam.
  • Orthopaedics: Lamination enables an elastic fabric to be joined to neoprene to avoid contact with the skin.
  • Construction: The lamination process can be used to create acoustic insulation as well as having an aesthetic function.
  • Geotextile: Covering foundations.
  • Shoes: lining.
  • Containers: Lining with foamed anti-scratch fabrics.
  • Interior design: Carpet with velour for securing on stairs, opaque curtains, foamed fabrics.

Adhesion and thermo-adhesion of materials

As well as the lamination process, we also offer adhesion/resin coating of materials services.

Which consist of the application of a thermo-activated adhesive or a double-sided adhesive applied cold to the desired material.

The thermo-activated adhesive allows the client to join the material in their installations by the application of heat.

The double-sided adhesive can be used at ambient temperature or with heat, to improve adherence to difficult materials. It is supplied with a removable protective layer of siliconized paper.


Cutting rolls and rewinding

A rewinding service, up to 2.2 m wide, and cutting in strips at least 50 mm wide to any length, adapting to the production or commercial needs of our clients.

Outsourcing a process of little added value, such as cutting and rewinding, enables companies to focus their productive resources in their core processes.

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